Unsolicited thanks from more of our recent clients:

Great Job! Thank you so much, already my managers are asking me where was this done.
D.C., Executive Assistant

Just an FYI after I sent the resume you prepared for me to HR - I just received a request for an interview with three people today for the position I mentioned to you yesterday with the Admiral. Your resume got my foot in the door!!!
Gail V., Administrative Assistant

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all your help with my resume. The results were almost overwhelming and I had the opportunity to pick and choose the Lender I wished to work for. 
Eric C., Senior Loan Officer

In our last communication, following the final draft of my resume, you asked that I let you know the outcome of the job interview for which I was preparing. Well after a rather lengthy process, I was selected! Actually, I have received two rather prestigious offers and was placed in the enviable position of being able to choose. I am now the Executive Director of a multimillion dollar tri-parish initiative. Thank you so much for your assistance in updating my resume, positioning the information in an easy to read format and improving its visual appeal.
Best Wishes, D.M., Executive Director

I want to extend a very sincere Thank You for helping me to create a great resume. I used the resume to apply to a company that has a very strict and comprehensive hiring process. There is no doubt in my mind the quality of your work was the main reason I received an invitation to come in for an interview. Furthermore, the resume you created for me gave me the personal confidence necessary to do very well during the interview. They have offered me a position making 50% more than my current company.
Thank you Class A resume!
B.M., IT Solutions Engineer
"First off, I must say that your resume is excellent. The style and formatting are eye pleasing and easy to read.  The data is quite good and lays out your qualifications well. I would tell you that your investment to prepare this was money well spent."

This is super. I actually sent it out and got a response 10 minutes later. My interview is tomorrow. Thank you. You did a great job. I have never had a professionally written resume before. It was more than I anticipated...

...J.P., Accountant

What Are Employers Saying About Class A Resume?
My wife and I have thoroughly reviewed both items and we found them to be well constructed and very professional.  As for myself, I am impressed with the design and layout, especially when compared to what I had been using prior to this. I also found the cover letter to be very nicely done and I am hoping this will give me the boost I am looking for. I was pretty sure that I had made the correct decision in using your services, and now I am sure of it.
Phillip S, IT Administrator

I just wanted to let you know that the resume is perfect. I have sent it out four times and received three call backs. Again, thank you.

My co-worker Cecilia said I would be impressed by your work and she was right!  The appearance alone of the resume is excellent, not to mention how terrific you make me sound.  The resume is perfect.  I also am very pleased with the cover letter as well.
I wanted to thank you for all your advice and great job on my resume. I wanted to let you know that I got a job with my number one company. Now I'm in a high volume restaurant and I am loving it. Thanks and I hope you are doing well!
Luis R.

WOW, I am speechless. I truly don't know what to say.. Well of course THANK YOU! I LOVE IT!  I am truly grateful!

I would like to thank you so much for your time. You did a wonderful job. You not only built my resume but also my confidence. You told me I had a strong resume and I interviewed well. Those are the two areas I was concerned with when finding my job. Again, I appreciate everything greatly!!!
Kourtney S. 

The resume and cover letter look great. I showed them to one of the managers in the lab in my hospital and she told me she would hire me in an instant. I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job. After reading my resume, I even think I look great.
Thank you for your prompt response with my resume.  After reviewing it I am incredibly amazed at the professional and expertly developed resume your company has provided for me.  I feel 100% more confident going into my job search now then I did before. Once again, thank you for all you help. With this resume I am sure to land a great job.
Scott M., Construction Manager

I received the resume... thank you.  It looks awesome!!!!
Sincerely yours, Brand New CEO\Barbara

"I must tell you I feel very good about my chances, thanks to your outstanding skills..."
V.Z., U.S. Congressional Coordinator

"You've lived up to your name..."
E.B., Wall Street Funds Broker

"I didn't realize all I had done until I saw it on paper... you did a great job of drawing all this out of me during the interview. You really pay attention to your clients and I think that's very important..."
M.G.M., Ph.D., Psychologist

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